With Division’s work verification system our goal is to solve problems before they start, eliminate confusion on site, and provide the exact output that our customers require for successful invoicing, no matter how often those requirements change.

How are we doing this? Let’s explain. Our National Account Team members are personally managing each service call from start to finish.  We’ve developed a five-step work verification process that blocks wasted time and unnecessary charges, saving our customers 10% right out of the gate.

Step One:  Scheduling

Upon receiving your work order, our team schedules a technician within a 24-hour timeframe. We refuse to let service issues linger, but we also stop non-emergent issues from being processed unnecessarily during holidays or overtime hours.  Our goal is to have a tech on site within 48 hours.

Step Two:  Confirmation Call

In the second step, our team member checks their dashboard for the day’s scheduled jobs and calls the service provider to confirm their arrival and request the mobile number of the service technicians who will be working on site.

Step Three: Check-In Call

Our team member confirms the technician’s successful check-in  through Divisions’ mobile app, and speaks with them directly to clarify the issue on site, re-state the requirements for photos, sign off sheets and parts requirements.  This confirmation saves valuable time on site and allows corporate process changes to be followed immediately.

Step Four: Check-Out

Once the technician successfully checks out, our team member confirms their hours on site and any materials used during the service call. We check to guarantee the invoice amount is correct and that we have received all required documentation. The account manager then informs the technician of any additional instructions and works to resolve any issues before the tech leaves the site, saving return trips and sparing additional charges.

Step Five:  Invoice Creation

After check-out, when the information is fresh in everyone’s mind, our team member creates a draft of the vendor’s invoice. This helps avoid unapproved trip costs, unapproved port-to-port time and additional labor costs and inflated parts charges. Our invoices match the time on site exactly, and we pride ourselves on being 100% auditable. Our customers get invoiced faster and in turn our vendors are paid faster, creating better service for our customers.  

This five-step work verification system not only delivers accuracy – but also shortens our service call lifecycle by 15%.