To understand the value of bundled services, you must first understand the typical chain of events that unfolds on a property with each need for service.  A Property Manager identifies an issue, calls a Service Provider (perhaps a few) to get an estimate for the repair, follows up via phone or email with the Provider, approves the repair, issues a work order, and then processes the invoice when the work has been completed.  Each of these steps is repeated for each repair that is needed on at their location. 

For example, if there are five separate parking lot repairs that occur in a month, it will equate to five phone calls, five proposals, five follow ups, five work orders, and five invoices.  If you project this concept across all the service areas (Lot Sweeping, landscaping, parking lot repair, signs, plumbing and electrical) you can easily see that handling each service case individually adds up to a lot of busy work (and an overflowing, overwhelming inbox) for a Property Manager.

The most beautiful benefit of bundling services is the elimination of all these individual tasks.  With bundled services, the Property Manager pays Divisions a set fee per month to cover the service cases that arise within a set scope of work.  One work order is issued each month, and one invoice is processed.  The time between the identification of the issue and completion of the repair is reduced as well, since we’ve eliminated the back and forth communication about the issue.  It changes the PM’s primary job function from being a creator of work orders to an actual manager of the property.