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Portfolio Wide Strategy Execution

Our dedicated National Account Teams evaluate your account at the highest levels to identify trends, implement best practices and uncover cost savings.  We align with your key decision makers to ensure company wide initiatives are executed consistently across your portfolio.

  • Alignment with both corporate teams and local property managers
  • KPI Monitoring and tactical adjustment
  • Verification of work performed on site
  • Implementation of best practices across properties
  • Implementation of brand initiatives

Bundled Services

Bundling services with Divisions allows you to drastically simplify the number of touchpoints a facility manager needs to make to request and stay informed about services on site. With a single invoice issued each month combining multiple services, the administrative time needed each month is reduced dramatically.

  • Single point of contact for maintenance needs
  • Visibility to all services on mobile and online channels
  • Streamlined invoicing

Boots on The Ground

Our local Divisions District Managers act as extensions of your team, providing additional eyes and ears on your properties. Using custom tools that Divisions has created, our DMs provide just-in-time information with complete transparency, with site inspections performed at regular intervals that align with your needs. 

  • Regular site inspections
  • Quality assessment and coaching of vendor performance
  • Strategize with facility manager about goals for the property
  • Manages vendor service issues
  • Manages collection and assessment of vendor bids

Map of District Offices

Complete Vendor Management

All service providers that work with Divisions have to meet specific criteria to be an approved Provider. We manage all vendor insurance documents and contracts. All work performed by vendors is verified by our team and invoices are qualified and 100% accurate before any invoice is issued to our customers.  Vendors are managed against performance standards, and either coached up to meet customer needs or managed out. 

  • Pricing control
  • Management of all vendor insurance and contracts
  • Quality assurance
  • 100% accurate invoicing
  • 100% work verification

Dedicated Call-In Line

Divisions can provide a dedicated call in line for your team or your tenants, easing the after hours burden on your facility managers.  By acting as triage, non-emergency items can be logged and handled in the normal process, while urgent needs can be addressed and brought to the attention of the facility manager.

  • Improved tenant relationships
  • 24/7 access to a live Divisions representative
  • Triage to separate non-emergency issues from true emergencies