Funny thing about winter – it comes every year. Divisions’ snow management practices make us the best in the business for three simple reasons: our preparation, communication and follow-through. We believe that there are no excuses for being caught off guard by the season. 

The prep work for snow removal is a year-round activity at Divisions. From ensuring that heavy equipment is in place to discussing push plans with Store Managers, procuring stores of salt to adjusting account load assignments for Divisions’ Zone Managers, Divisions is always vigilant.

We believe in working smarter. By combining historical snowfall data from credible sources like NOAA’s National Weather Service with nearly 20 years of operational experience, we help our customers achieve the budget and service level predictability that can be so elusive in snow season. 

Our Snow and Ice Removal Services:

• Snow plowing 
• Sidewalk clearing
• Salt application
• Historical snowfall versus contract type analysis 

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