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Sales at Divisions

We're not going to lie. Our work isn't easy, and we expect a lot from our team members...but it's worth it. Here's how it works:

Training period

It’s nearly impossible to sell a product or a service you don’t believe in or don’t understand. That’s why you’ll spend about six months in training, steeped in operations and learning how our services are delivered to our customers. Understand that superior operations are what drive revenue growth. You keep our customers happy, and they trust us with more work.

In Training you’ll learn about our providers and the importance of partnering with quality companies, as well as why we are so fanatic about work verification. You’ll learn all about IRIS, Divisions’ proprietary digital platform. Most importantly, you’ll learn about The Basics – the key behaviors at the heart of how Divisions operates. (You can learn more about those here.)

During this period you will earn a steady base salary.

Going Live as an Account Executive

When you’ve completed the training period your manager will advance you to full Account Executive status. How long this takes depends on you, but on average it takes six months. You will have the opportunity to apply for assignment to open accounts within the company, or you can bring in a brand new account.

There is ample opportunity in the facilities maintenance space to acquire new accounts. Health care, higher education, manufacturing and distribution, retail, restaurants and residential…there is no shortage of market segments that have facility management needs, and you will not be prevented from following any path.

At this point your base salary will raise and you will begin earning commission on your account activity. You will earn on every revenue dollar, with additional compensation added for every dollar exceeding the previous year’s revenue for the same account. You’ll be held to consistent growth with key check points each month.

Growing your Career

Once you’ve got your customer established and are taking great care of them, your account should naturally grow and you’ll begin to add other team members. You may begin training future account executives and working with a national account coordinator. When you’ve reached the point where a dedicated team is necessary to service the account, you will advance to a National Account Manager role.

At this point, you will earn your base salary and commission. You will be held to consistent growth checkpoints on an annual basis. When your account grows to a critical threshold, you will become a Team Lead, operating at the upper management level for the company.

Your Path, Your Speed

Logan Thomas

Two years ago, Logan Thomas knew nothing about Divisions and admits he wasn’t sure he wanted to learn more about facilities maintenance. At age 24, he’d already sold a landscaping company and was hoping to begin a very different career path. No one is more surprised than he, how different and rewarding his role at Divisions turned out to be.

Logan took a position as an Account Executive in Training, where most new hires begin. He asked a lot of questions and committed to learning as much as possible about the industry. In three short months, Logan was able to leave the training program, earning added bonuses and the potential for commission payments. Logan never looked back. In fact, just 18 months after assuming his own book of business, he earned the right to run a team of his own with a customer which could expand our business globally. Logan is in the process of hiring 9 people to work beneath him and he’s gained the freedom of making his own schedule, creating a work/life balance that his important to him.

It helps that Divisions offers a relaxed environment. “I never hesitated to ask questions,” Logan says, “and everyone here really wanted me to succeed. The company culture; team competitions, corporate events including a Labor Day Fireworks party, Happy Hours, and Christmas giveaways, help to make it fun and rewarding.”

Logan believes the potential for growth at Divisions is limited only by your willingness to learn the trades and find ways to provide value to our customers. That fits right into the mission at Divisions: to provide uninterrupted peace of mind. It doesn’t stop with our customers, it extends to Logan Thomas and everyone at Divisions… because when it comes to our work and our team, we are all in for each other.

Alissa Snoddy

A sales job at Divisions is not where Alissa Snoddy thought she would land, but this University of Cincinnati grad says it’s exactly where she wants to be. After earning a Communications degree, Alissa worked for a time as a media specialist at a local church. She then took a job at the nation’s largest retailer selling window replacements and bathroom remodels. When contacted by a Divisions recruiter, Alissa accepted an invitation to our office and was surprised by the camaraderie she witnessed, saying “the air was fresher” here, and the people, more hospitable than other work environments. 

Alissa admits she knew nothing about facilities maintenance. She worried about intense competition among team members. Instead, she found the support and training she needed to succeed. She committed to learning the business by asking a lot of questions, not only of co-workers, but of the tradespeople she hired to work for Divisions. Smiling, Alissa now proudly says, “Plumbing is my thing! Our customers and vendors know that I know my stuff, they trust me.”

Within a year Alissa was no longer in training and running big projects in 12 Northeastern states, ironically, for the same large retailer where she once worked for minimum wage. Now she’s visiting their corporate offices and meeting with executives. Two years after she started, Alissa finds her commission and bonus earnings routinely exceeding her base salary and she is, more often than not, leading the list of top salespeople. Best of all, she sees potential for advancement and is on track to become a National Account Manager soon.

Still, Alissa claims earnings are only part of what keep her at Divisions. She says, “I told myself I didn’t come here to make friends. But my team is so cool, it turns out they are more than friends, they are family.”  Her advice to others considering a job at Divisions: “Don’t be afraid to learn new things. Take the initiative, give it 100%, and you will benefit.”