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The Value of Time

Early Pay

Early Pay is a benefit Divisions offers Providers to help manage cash flow when necessary, offering payment on invoices you select within two business days. If you are currently receiving payment via direct deposit and your jobs are rated 3.75 stars or higher, you are eligible to receive funds faster than standard contract terms.

Early Pay is a process put in place by Divisions to help accommodate Providers who need access to their payment faster than our contract payment terms. With the growth of the number of Providers in our network and the increasing frequency of these requests, Early Pay was developed as a digital process in 2012. Through the Provider Portal, the digital process streamlines these requests and diverts disruptions to normal billing workflows.

More than half of our Providers use the Early Pay option to:

  • Manage cash flow during seasonal fluctuations.
  • Quickly cover material costs on large jobs.
  • Create liquidity for other business needs.

Here are your considerations:

  • The service must be rated 3.75 stars or higher to qualify
  • Submittal closes each business day at 2 pm EST.
  • You can select which invoices to include on a case by case basis.