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Become a Provider

Get new work through Divisions in as little as 48 hours. Here's how to begin the vetting process

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87% of our Providers say it's smooth sailing with our process. This video explains it:

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Quality Providers can be paid for completed services in just two business days:

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“Divisions seems to have a genuine care for us as Providers as well as their clients. No task has ever been too tall for Divisions to at the very least address with the necessary parties.”

Richard Basile Owner Comet Property Services

“I am truly grateful to be working alongside Divisions. You have helped me grow my business into something that I can be proud of.”

Ty Ecklund Owner Ecotech Window Cleaning

“Having a direct relationship with a local manager is great! Divisions is more transparent than other national service provider."

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Get More Work.

As Divisions grows, so can you. Our reputation for good relationships is creating explosive growth; a 38% increase in contracts in the last year alone. With over 200,000 service calls across more than 4,000 commercial properties, there is no shortage of opportunity for high quality partners. As your company successfully completes jobs, your own reputation will build within our system, giving you access to more and more work.

Superior Digital Tools

From bidding on our Job Board, obtaining the PO, checking in on-site to completing the job, verifying your work and invoicing, Divisions offers a fool-proof and transparent management system. Our goal is that all parties have complete visibility every step of the way, facilitating accountability and helping us operate at the speed of trust.

You Are Never Alone.

Divisions has boots on the ground; field representatives in more than 43 metropolitan areas who monitor the quality of service and give face-to-face contact. And with a team on call 24/7 at our headquarters, we take responsibility for guiding your technicians through any customer requirements, ensuring 100% accuracy on site and clearing the path for your payment.

Reliable Payment

Divisions has been granted a risk rating of "low" by Duns & Bradstreet, with a PAYDEX Score of 80. This means you can be assured that Divisions pays service providers reliably, and has done so for an extended period of time. We understand how small business are impacted by outstanding receivables, and clearing your path to payment is an important part of our process.