Reputations Speak for Themselves 

Why do Service Providers who work with Divisions call us “the best facilities management company to work with?” It’s simple, really. We partner with service providers who are passionate about what they do, and ease the paperwork barriers that keep you from doing what you do best. With a team on call 24/7 at our headquarters, we take responsibility for guiding your technicians through any customer requirements, ensuring 100% accuracy on site and clearing the path for your payment.

When your company successfully completes jobs, your own reputation will build within our system, giving you access to more and more work. With 200,000 service calls across over 3,000 retail properties, there is no shortage of opportunity for high quality partners.

How Do I Qualify?

If your company meets these basic requirements, you could begin working with Divisions right away:

  • Technicians equipped with smart phones
  • Form W-9
  • Proof of $1 Million of General Liability Insurance, with Divisions named as "additional insured"
  • IVR check in/out reconciles with hours invoiced
  • 100% Self-performed services
  • I-9 Fully compliant
  • Proof of Workers Compensation

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