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Winning From Within

Divisions' Promotion Power

Rising through the Ranks

Sean McLernon exemplifies the opportunity that exists for every sales associate at Divisions. Less than three years into his employment here, Sean has risen from an Account Executive in Training to become a National Account Vice President. His story is not unusual at our Facilities Maintenance Company.

Promotions, Sean

Well over two-thirds of Divisions’ National Account VPs were promoted from within our sales ranks. Among our Regional Managers, who lead Divisions’ six teams verifying the quality of our work at locations across the country, an impressive 75% have risen from other positions within the company.

Sean is responsible for growing Divisions’ business with a prominent drug store chain from less than $2M in 2016 to a projected $10M+ this year. He joined our company at age 31, deciding finally to use his college training in Business Management. With a wife and three children, Sean was attracted to our base plus uncapped commission offering, knowing he could avoid some of the salary fluctuations found with other sales positions. Also, he says, “I wanted to be in a place that would let me prove myself.”

Sean completed training in just seven months. Over the following two years he was able to grow the account quickly by establishing trust at the corporate level that Divisions can handle more locations. Now this account is so large it requires a team of individuals to handle the increased load, one Sean has proven he is capable of leading.

Sean’s success is repeated often at Divisions. He credits good training and support from leadership saying, “Here, you can be as successful as you want to be.”