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Integrated Facilities Management

When it comes to maintenance services at your facility, our mission is to provide you with uninterrupted peace of mind. Relentlessly.

We are obsessive analyzers, clockwork property inspectors, detailed work verifiers. Integrated Facilities Management with Divisions means letting us sweat the details so you don’t have to. Once we define what success means for you, we track against your KPIs tirelessly and manage variance out of costs and processes until we can redefine success.  


    If you want full control over your properties, now you can have it. We can help you articulate what success means for you, whether it’s more predictable service costs or a consistent brand look and feel.

    Defining which measures are most important to your organization allows your team to focus on the right things at the right time.

    KPIs are not just business buzzwords. In facilities they are the key to alignment and efficiency.
  2. TRACK
    Every service event on a property provides data points that, over time, give us insights. But data is just one piece of the puzzle. 

    Our National Account Teams provide big picture oversight, deliver brand consistency and portfolio-wide efficiencies. With the customer, they set our performance metrics and manage accordingly. 

    Our Field Team provides the boots-on-the ground presence critical to controlling service quality and giving customers visibility to their sites.

    Our teams are accessible to you 24/7/365. And no, it’s not a call center. It’s a person assigned to your account that knows about your work.
    This is the moment of truth, where you will fully realize the value of engaging with Divisions. We take our understanding of your goals, compared to what is actually happening on your properties and make strategic changes to bring those into alignment. 

    Managing out the variance between service quality, scope of work and cost yields significant results for our customers.