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Divisions Maintenance Group’s Ethics Policy

Ethical conduct is a core value for Divisions Maintenance Group, and our reputation for integrity is one of our most important assets. In general, acting ethically means we put the interests of our customers and providers first, follow accepted business standards, and comply with all regulatory requirements. Below is the Company’s Code of Ethics. It is our expectation that our employees, providers and customers alike all act in the most ethical manner.

The Divisions Maintenance Group Code of Ethics is based on our vision and mission and is guided by our core values. While no document can anticipate all of the challenges that may arise, the Code communicates key guidelines and will assist Divisions Maintenance Group employees in making good decisions that are ethical and in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

To remain true to our vision and mission, we will conduct our business according to the following Code of Ethics:

  1. Personal and Professional Integrity: A personal commitment to integrity in all circumstances benefits each individual as well as the organization. We therefore:
  2. Strive to meet the highest standard of performance, quality, service and achievement in working towards our vision and mission.
  3. Communicate honestly and openly and avoid misrepresentation.
  4. Exhibit respect and fairness toward all those with who we come in contact with.
  5. Accountability: Divisions Maintenance Group is responsible to its stakeholders, which includes providers, customers and others that have placed their faith in Divisions. Only by satisfying our customers first do we have the opportunity to satisfy the needs of our other stakeholders. We will go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our customers. We want to meet or exceed their expectations on every interaction serving them competently, efficiently and with passion.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest

We must avoid any relationship or activity that might impair, or even appear to impair, our ability to make objective and fair decisions when performing our jobs. We owe a duty to Divisions to advance its legitimate interests when the opportunity to do so arises. We must never use Divisions Maintenance Group property or information for personal gain or personally take for ourselves any opportunity that is discovered through our position with Divisions Maintenance Group.

Here are some other ways in which conflicts of interest could arise:

  1. Being employed (you or a close family member) by, or acting as a consultant to, a competitor or potential competitor, supplier or contractor, regardless of the nature of the employment, while you are employed with Divisions Maintenance Group
  2. Serving as a board member for an outside commercial company or organization.
  3. Owning or having a substantial interest in a competitor, supplier or contractor.
  4. Having a personal interest, financial interest or potential gain in any Divisions Maintenance Group transaction.
  5. Placing company business with a firm owned or controlled by a Divisions Maintenance Group employee or his or her family.
  6. Accepting or providing gifts, discounts, favors or services from a customer/potential customer, competitor or supplier, unless equally available to all Divisions Maintenance Group employees.

Determining whether a conflict of interest exists is not always easy to do. Employees with a conflict of interest question must disclose this relationship in the annual compliance process. Any activity, transaction or relationship that might give rise to a conflict of interest, employees must be reviewed and approved by a member of the Executive Team in advanced.

Gifts, Gratuities and Business Courtesies

Divisions Maintenance Group is committed to competing solely on a merit of our products and services. We should avoid any actions that create a perception that favorable treatment of outside entities by Divisions Maintenance Group was sought, received or given in exchange for personal business courtesies. Business courtesies include gifts, gratuities, meals, refreshments, entertainment or other benefits from persons or companies with whom Divisions Maintenance Group does or may do business. We will neither give nor accept business courtesies that constitute, or could reasonably be perceived as constituting, unfair business inducements that would violate law, regulation or polices of Divisions Maintenance Group or customers, or would cause embarrassment or reflect negatively on Divisions Maintenance Group’s reputation.

Offering Business Courtesies

Any employee who offers a business courtesy must assure that it cannot reasonably be interpreted as an attempt to gain an unfair business advantage or otherwise reflect negatively upon Divisions Maintenance Group. An employee may never use personal funds or resources to do something that cannot be done with Divisions Maintenance Group resources. Accounting for business courtesies must be done in accordance with approved company procedures.

Other than to our government customers, for whom special rules apply, we may provide nonmonetary gifts (i.e., company logo apparel or similar promotional items) to our customers. Further, management may approve other courtesies, including meals, refreshments or entertainment of reasonable value, provided that:

  • The practice does not violate any law or regulation or the standards of conduct of the recipient’s organization.
  • The business courtesy is consistent with industry practice, is infrequent in nature and is not lavish.
  • The business courtesy is properly reflected on the books and records of Divisions Maintenance Group.

Divisions Maintenance Group Whistleblower Hotline

  • Divisions Maintenance Group prides itself on a culture of openness, trust and integrity. Therefore, we have established the following Ethics Policy.
  • Effective ethics is a team effort involving the participation and support of every employee, provider, and customer. Divisions Maintenance Group will not tolerate any wrongdoing or impropriety at any time and management will take the appropriate measures to act quickly in addressing any issues or infractions of this policy.
  • Regular business matters that do not require anonymity should be directed to a member of management and should not be submitted using this service.
  • The purpose is to report fraud, unlawful, unethical and other types of improper behavior. A more complete description of the purpose of this policy is available in our ethics policy statement. This hotline is NOT a substitute for routine communications within our organization between associates and their managers, particularly as to workplace duties. Likewise, it does not replace communications with HR staff about benefit issues or other job related issues. This Whistleblower hotline is an additional communication tool for specific types of situations and it is provided because we believe that it is a good business practice to do so.
  • Employees, customers, or providers who believe they are aware of a violation of the Code are expected and encouraged to report their concerns. Employees may also contact the Hotline, using this link:

Website: www.lighthouse-services.com/divisionsinc

Toll-Free Telephone:

English speaking USA and Canada: 844-640-0066

Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288

Spanish speaking Mexico: 01-800-681-5340

French speaking Canada: 855-725-0002

Email: reports@lighthouse-services.com

Such reports may be made confidentially and anonymously. Please specify if you are an employee, a customer (and what company) or a Provider (and what company.)