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Managing Major Storms

Planning, Execution: We Do It Better

What a national facilities maintenance group can do that local providers can’t is gather the resources of other regions; equipment, materials, and providers who are close, but not affected by impending large winter storms. Divisions’ kind of preparation happens every fall when each region we serve makes an emergency back-up plan; listing the providers outside their regions who can be counted on to respond to big weather events. At Divisions, we don’t just react. We make big picture preparations.

Winter Storm Benji

Winter Storm Benji blanketed the South with record-setting snowfall in early December, 2017. Atlanta saw over 8 inches in Northern

Metro areas, with many of our customer locations receiving 5-8 inches.

Divisions partnered with a local REIT customer for one of their large properties to become ground zero for Divisions’ salt operations in Atlanta for the duration of the event.

With many commercial properties unprepared for this type of snow event, strategically placing salt stores in the midst of the impacted area greatly improved our team’s ability to service all our customers in the Atlanta area.

Divisions supplied 17 salt trucks (8 with plow) and 1 skid loader from out of state to assist local resources and ramp up equipment bandwidth. We delivered 13 pallets of bag salt (637 bags total and 55 tons of bulk salt.)

Winter Storm Jonas

When Virginia, which averages 12 inches of snow each year, got more than 40” over a four day period, area snow removal providers couldn’t dig themselves out, let alone their customers. Divisions brought in semi-trucks loaded with bobcats and backhoes, 40 tons of salt, and a team of professionals from 600 miles away to coordinate personnel. With 300 snow-bound accounts to service, our team created zones to coordinate snow removal. Conference calls were scheduled every three hours for the first two days to adequately assess where to dispatch resources and personnel.

Back in our corporate offices, our National Account teams proactively called all tenants, diverting their questions from the field teams so work could be completed without distraction. This level of communication is important, and the key to reducing the level of stress associated with a catastrophic event.

Divisions managed to remove more than one and a half million square feet of snow, and ultimately allowed our customers to have their doors open to their customers a full 48 hours before their competitors.