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Case Study

Lot Striping for Walgreen's

Keep it Clean For Safety's Sake

The Challenge

Lot striping in parking lots conveys important messages to vehicle operators, and when lot lines are faded this creates a wide range of issues for both the business and its patrons. Due to the nature of their business, the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain and long-time Divisions customer, faces increased liability exposure and elevated concern for the safety and accessibility of their patrons. Many retailers struggle to manage the maintenance of the parking lots in their portfolio because it is difficult for a centralized corporate Facilities Management team to assess the conditions of widely dispersed locations and make well-informed decisions concerning dollar spend on effective maintenance procedures. For our customer, the 228 locations requiring maintenance and repair were logistically prohibitive.

The Solution

Because of Divisions’ success with landscaping and snow removal services, our customer approached our team about taking on the lot striping project. With field personnel in all major markets across the country, Divisions could provide the eyes and ears on site needed to both assess the needs of each property and to monitor the quality of the work being performed. In addition, Divisions National

Account team had the ability to monitor the work and provide constant communication to the customer’s corporate FM team.

Divisions began the process by performing extensive surveys of each property, capturing detailed photographs of all parking lot issues. After discussing the service needs and pricing with our hand-selected service providers, a schedule was set with each technician and communicated to the individual stores. Divisions field personnel then gathered photo documentation of the completed work on each site and procured sign off from the store managers. In order to submit invoices properly for the project, our national account team ensured that all the required information was present including the sign off sheet from the store, the linear feet of the striping, number of stencils used and the minimum mandatory photographs for each location.

Within 30 days, all 228 locations were completed to the Customer’s satisfaction.