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Case Study

Oven Installation

...and Other Kitchen Equipment

Ovens, fryers, rotisseries, warmers… the commercial cooking equipment market accounted for nearly $10 Billion in sales in 2017, and that market is growing as more of us go out to eat. These appliances are big investments (as much as $20,000 for one high end oven), and owners need timely and meticulous installation.

The Issue

Down time is costly, and major installations need to be completed during off hours. Owners could hire electricians, plumbers, HVAC and handyman providers to install their new equipment, all arriving separately to complete the jobs they are certified to do. Each must be trained on various manufacturers’ specifications for installation in order to ensure warranties remain valid. It is a lot of coordination for an already busy facility manager.

The Solution

Divisions Maintenance Group can and does supply all of those trades in one, turn-key operation. Various equipment manufacturers train our staff, which in turn trains Provider teams of technicians to ensure quality work. We use four separate Provider teams, traveling across the country, to do the work. Our goal is to install each item within 24 hours of its shipment to the facility (a day earlier than most customers require). Though scheduling the teams around shipping dates can be tricky, Divisions handles the logistics and verifies every step of the way to ensure a fluid install and uninterrupted operations.