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Case Study

Hydro Jet Help

For the Nation's Largest Retailer

The Challenge

The largest retailer in the United States approached Divisions to resolve repeated drain line issues for 25 of their retail locations in Texas. After dealing with continual obstructed lines it was determined these locations would benefit from hydro jetting. Hydro jetting, a process where high pressured water cleans a drain line is an approach to resolving clogs and finding larger issues within lines.

Lines may be obstructed by major underlying problems or repeated clogs. Major issues include: bellies in the line (sloped/low areas in the pipe that disrupt the flow of water through the line), back pitched lines (lines that slope up and away from the city sewer) or full grease traps.

Taking a proactive approach reduces service expenses in the long term. If line problems aren’t caught retailers lose revenue due to the need for underground digging or taking up tile in the store to reach and replace the damaged lines as well as sustainable disruption to the store’s operations, reactive fixes are more expensive because these fixes are often emergencies.

The Solution

Divisions vetted and engaged experienced Providers with hydro jet equipment to tackle each site. To locate blockages and understand the makeup of clogs a camera was used to inspect the drain line then a specific jet head was attached to the jetter to deal with the unique job. High pressure streams of water from the jetter pushed out any stuck debris through the store’s line and traveled into the city’s sewer system. The Divisions team maximized efficiency by grouping service visits together – ensuring Providers minimal Windshield time.

Divisions District Managers reviewed the Providers work on each site through a work verification process and provided reports on ServiceChannel, an online facilities management software and contractor sourcing database. These reports covered the severity of each issue, detailed corrosion levels, grease build-up, the location of any bellies, as well as detail the number of cleanouts (areas that can be used to access a plumbing line) and locations. Before and after photographs of the lines were also attached with the report.

From the receipt of the work orders to the final invoicing the hydro jetting project was completed for 25 locations within 30 days.