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Case Study

Ceiling Tile Replacement

Overnight Service Keeps Business Running

Divisions managed a ceiling tile replacement project for one of the nation’s largest department store chains in six different locations: South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada and Arkansas.

Each year, the retailer assigns between 50 and 100 stores to undergo an internal and external remodel that includes services such as landscaping, parking lot maintenance, etc. Because of the success with the management of the retailer’s properties nationwide, Divisions was approached about coordinating the replacement of ceiling tiles for a handful of stores selected for the annual remodel.

Out of the list of remodeled stores, a percentage of the sales floor is selected for ceiling tile replacement, which can range anywhere from 25% to 100% of the area.

In most cases, each store replaced 2,000 – 9,000 tiles in the allotted time frame. To ensure the project didn’t interfere with prime business hours, workers arrived once the store closed at 9pm and worked until 8am the following morning. Throughout the project, the provider gave Divisions a status update each morning, providing the amount of tiles fixed from the previous night, and any recorded issues along the way.

Divisions continued to monitor each store through the duration of the project. Detailed photos were taken by the providers and sent to the Divisions representative to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the project was properly documented. Tiles that had at least two damaged corners needed to be replaced. Damaged ceiling tiles are rendered useless against preventative measures when exposed to water damage and mold.

Divisions partnered with Armstrong World Industries, a leader in the design and manufacture of floors and ceilings, to make and deliver the tiles to each store. Because of the strong partnership, damaged tiles were collected and recycled by Armstrong, free of charge.