Opportunity is Knocking

Sales at Divisions

We're not going to lie. Our work isn't easy, and we expect a lot from our team members...but it's worth it. Here's how it works:

Training period

It’s nearly impossible to sell a product or a service you don’t believe in or don’t understand. That’s why you’ll spend about six months in training, steeped in operations and learning how our services are delivered to our customers. Understand that superior operations are what drive revenue growth. You keep our customers happy, and they trust us with more work.

In Training you’ll learn about our providers and the importance of partnering with quality companies, as well as why we are so fanatic about work verification. You’ll learn all about IRIS, Divisions’ proprietary digital platform. Most importantly, you’ll learn about The Basics – the key behaviors at the heart of how Divisions operates. (You can learn more about those here.)

During this period you will earn a steady base salary.

Going Live as an Account Executive

When you’ve completed the training period your manager will advance you to full Account Executive status. How long this takes depends on you, but on average it takes six months. You will have the opportunity to apply for assignment to open accounts within the company, or you can bring in a brand new account.

There is ample opportunity in the facilities maintenance space to acquire new accounts. Health care, higher education, manufacturing and distribution, retail, restaurants and residential…there is no shortage of market segments that have facility management needs, and you will not be prevented from following any path.

At this point your base salary will raise and you will begin earning commission on your account activity. You will earn on every revenue dollar, with additional compensation added for every dollar exceeding the previous year’s revenue for the same account. You’ll be held to consistent growth with key check points each month.

Growing your Career

Once you’ve got your customer established and are taking great care of them, your account should naturally grow and you’ll begin to add other team members. You may begin training future account executives and working with a national account coordinator. When you’ve reached the point where a dedicated team is necessary to service the account, you will advance to a National Account Manager role.

At this point, you will earn your base salary and commission. You will be held to consistent growth checkpoints on an annual basis.When your account grows to a critical threshold, you will become a Team Lead, operating at the upper management level for the company.