Kyle Murray | Divisionsinc

Chief Strategy Officer

Kyle Murray

Kyle Murray is an owner and the Chief Strategy Officer for Divisions Maintenance Group. Kyle drives the overall direction and initiatives of Divisions, spanning several departments and functions. He directs business expansion with regard to the services, resources, and technology to support new systems. Kyle has successfully led Divisions through several recapitalizations. He’s contributed his expertise and analytical skills by serving on the Benchmarking Committee for the Professional Retail Store Maintenance organization.

Kyle previously led the Finance and Accounting functions at Divisions. Before joining the company, he served retail industry clients at the accounting firm KPMG in Cincinnati, where he was highly involved in multi-billion dollar acquisition and divestiture transaction-related work. Kyle holds a Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati. His Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics is from the University of Kentucky.

Kyle is a Certified Public Accountant and is passionate about cooking. An avid world traveler, he has nearly visited every continent.