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About Us

OUR MISSION: As One we produce uninterrupted peace of mind through sustainable partnerships and inspired team members.

We're here to raise the bar in Facilities Management.

We deliver a better class of maintenance services by combining boots on the ground at the local level with national oversight. Through IRIS, our suite of digital tools, we bring it all together to deliver complete visibility to our customers.

20 Years of Changing the Game

Since 1999 Divisions has been dedicated to challenging the status quo for maintenance service delivery. We believe in disrupting processes that aren't delivering value, and pushing to leverage the newest digital tools to our customers' advantage.

Our Brand Promise:
Work Verification. Continuous Value Creation. Urgency.

When it comes to maintenance services at your facility, our mission is to provide you with uninterrupted peace of mind. Relentlessly.
We are obsessive analyzers, clockwork property inspectors, detailed work verifiers. Integrated Facilities Management with Divisions means letting us sweat the details so you don’t have to. Once we define what success means for you, we track against your KPIs tirelessly and manage variance out of costs and processes until we can redefine success.

Exterior & Interior Trade Services

We deliver nearly 100 trade services across thousands of properties nationwide.

Robust Network of Service Providers

Our customers have access to more than 15,000 technicians across 50 states.

Digital Tools that Provide Complete Visibility

We believe in operating at the "speed of trust", so every move we make is 100% visible to our customers through IRIS, our suite of digital tools.

Where can we help you?

With 43 district offices nationwide we can support you locally or nationally.